Inez the Great and Glorious


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Inez on Her Throne

Inez on Her Throne

A year ago today my family lost one of our beloved members, Inez, our almost 14 year old half Great Dane, half Shepherd, long legged, graceful, supermodel of a dog. I miss her everyday, especially when I’m in the kitchen because she loved being in there almost as much as I do. Here’s the email I sent out to her friends:

Hello Friends of Inez,

We just wanted to let everyone know that Our Baby Girl was laid to rest this evening at dusk.
We feel lucky to have spent almost 14 years soaking in her Nezness and creating so many good times and memories. We are going to miss her so much and there are so many things to miss. Some of our favorites are:
Her tiny circles for eyebrows that made her face so expressive
Her more than generous amount of ears
Her ability to mediate, because when voices were raised, she was on the case
And as I quickly found out today, Her ever-presence in the kitchen when I’m at the cutting board, and her eagerness to be my all natural composting bin
We love her and will miss her and we know she appreciated every word of encouragement, affectionate glance, touch and of course those snacks secretly given to her behind our backs.
We love our long-legged supermodel and we know she was happier knowing you.
Thinking of you and missing you much, Nezzie. ❤ Dani
*For those of you who have not known the love of a dog might I suggest the book What’s a Dog For? by John Homans to get an insider view.
*Suggestion: for those of you who have suffered a loss and want to submerge yourselves into the depths of and wallow in it (a reasonable possibility considering what other anniversary we are observing) might I propose a Billie Holiday playlist, one that specifically includes, “Good Morning Heartache”

The Everywhere Stretch


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This is it. THE First one, so it has to be monumental right? Well that’s where The Everywhere Stretch comes into play. I recently came across this video that discusses how The Big Bang Theory is a terrible name for the beginning of the universe and a more accurate description is The Everywhere Stretch. I had originally kicked around Genesis or the very austere sounding Mission Statement as the title of my first post. But I went Big, real BIG, so big I have no hope of filling my own universe creating shoes. Call me a hopeless romantic or an egomaniac. They are, at times, fitting. BUT, I am getting away from the topic at hand: The Saucy Tart food blog extraordinaire…

Aaaand in the beginning There were a million zillion food blogs. So why one more? In my own defense, I have procrastinated my entry into blogdom for literally (for those of you who hang onto the original definition of literally) several years now and literally (for those of you who have been misusing literally so much that this happened) since the beginning of time when there were maybe just a million food blogs (see how I connected all that? Oh, Man.) Well, mostly I need this blog for me. As I mash up, tweak or just go on a marathon search for the perfect recipe, I rarely document it, so when someone asks for the recipe or I try to recreate it,  I am often at a loss and have to start over. No more I say! Now The Saucy Tart is here. Never fear!

Secondly, I like you. I hope we will be good friends. We can have important conversations (like what is the best olive oil). I can share links like this all important rap battle between Edison and Tesla with you and you can relay unbelievable information to me like this about living root bridges. LIVING ROOT BRIDGES!? Pretty soon we will be swapping photos, recipes and political rhetoric. We are going to be sooo smart and savvy. I can’t wait! Conclusion: I think we will work well together.

Of course no Genesis-Big Bang-Mission Statement-Everywhere Stretch style beginning would be complete without some sort of power hungry/fame seeking element so I will say this about that: It is my understanding that all people in the food industry are famous so I am just preparing for that by having imaginary cozy homemade dinners at my house with the likes of @billclinton @neilhimself or @Jane_Goodall =>Dreams. But, as a wise beyond her years woman once said (sang, really)

“Put it in some soil,

and watch it grow.”

    So here are my dream seeds. ❤ Dani

And for those of you who thought a food blog post titled, The Everywhere Stretch, would somehow be related to pizza dough; this picture is for you.

Pizza Stretch

*Don’t worry pizza lovers, there will be plenty of pizza in future episodes.

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