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Oh crap, it looks like I missed it by a week. National (International? Intergalactic?**) Guacamole Day was last Monday. The good news is you can still enjoy this wonderful good fat filled dish any day, provided you have access to avocados. Did you know that if you have an avocado tree, you can even leave the avocados on the tree and they won’t begin ripening until you pick them? They are truly magic morsels. Unfortunately most of us do not have our own tree (although global warming might alter that). This is another very simple recipe, in fact calling it a recipe is probably a stretch. I think people usually try to over complicate guacamole, adding unnecessary fats and flavors. The most essential part of guacamole is picking perfectly ripe avocados. I said it, PERFECT. I know what you’re thinking, avocados are like eggs, very mysterious inside until you break them open but you can at least have an educated guess. Pick ones that are still firm but have a little give when squeezed. If you have a few days, you can also pick ones that are harder and let them sit on the counter. If you are like me, they will become ripe before you get a chance to use them. DON’T PANIC! Just put them in the fridge and use them within a couple of days. Avocados are so easy going. They really are the best friends, delicious, delicious friends.


Accidentally (I mean I used my amazing skills) and picked the most dreamy avocados. Wow!


2-4 avocados (to make about one cup of mash)

1/2 small white onion minced (to make 1/4 cup)

juice of 1/4 lime

salt to taste

1) Crack open those avocados, remove the green and creamy centers and mash with a fork. Add the onions to the mix, sprinkle with the fresh lime juice, add about a teaspoon of salt. Then taste and adjust the salt and lime accordingly. Then do tequila shots with the remaining salt and lime. Use chips coated with guacamole to sober up. So simple!



*Another cool thing about avocados: you can also spell them avocadoes, which I am partial to because it makes me say it like this: AVO-CA-DOES it!

**Upon further investigation, I believe until we find avocadoes and guacamole on another planet, we can safely declare September 16th Intergalactic Guacamole Day. Go Planet Earth!