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Inez on Her Throne

Inez on Her Throne

A year ago today my family lost one of our beloved members, Inez, our almost 14 year old half Great Dane, half Shepherd, long legged, graceful, supermodel of a dog. I miss her everyday, especially when I’m in the kitchen because she loved being in there almost as much as I do. Here’s the email I sent out to her friends:

Hello Friends of Inez,

We just wanted to let everyone know that Our Baby Girl was laid to rest this evening at dusk.
We feel lucky to have spent almost 14 years soaking in her Nezness and creating so many good times and memories. We are going to miss her so much and there are so many things to miss. Some of our favorites are:
Her tiny circles for eyebrows that made her face so expressive
Her more than generous amount of ears
Her ability to mediate, because when voices were raised, she was on the case
And as I quickly found out today, Her ever-presence in the kitchen when I’m at the cutting board, and her eagerness to be my all natural composting bin
We love her and will miss her and we know she appreciated every word of encouragement, affectionate glance, touch and of course those snacks secretly given to her behind our backs.
We love our long-legged supermodel and we know she was happier knowing you.
Thinking of you and missing you much, Nezzie. ❤ Dani
*For those of you who have not known the love of a dog might I suggest the book What’s a Dog For? by John Homans to get an insider view.
*Suggestion: for those of you who have suffered a loss and want to submerge yourselves into the depths of and wallow in it (a reasonable possibility considering what other anniversary we are observing) might I propose a Billie Holiday playlist, one that specifically includes, “Good Morning Heartache”